R155 Screener



10×4.5 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screenbox


130HP Diesel engine


Track or wheel mobile


Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors.


Remote control tipping grid


Fast on-site setup time – 10 minutes

The McCloskey® S130 High Energy Screener is used
across a wide range of applications, including
aggregate, coal, crusher circuits and wood chips

The McCloskey S130 Screener

S130 Screener

The S130 is renowned for its fine sand screening and is impressing customers worldwide with its production capacities.

With the S130, you get class-leading S-Range features like the aggressive High Energy Screenbox and user-friendly operation. Its unique size is designed to meet demands of operators who require significantly more screening capacity than a 10’ or 11’ screenbox, but may not require the higher capacity of a 20’ plant

S130 Tech Specs

Engine 130 HP (97 kw)
Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor 3871mm (12’ 8”)
Stockpile Height Side Conveyor 4600mm (15’ 1”)
Screenbox Dimensions 4270mm x 1524mm (14’ x 5’)


Height  11’ 2” (3.40m)
Height – Wheel 3.69m (12’ – 1”)
Length – 12’ Hopper 51’ 2” (15.61m)
Length – 15’ Hopper 54’ 2” (16.52m)
Weight – 2 Deck 28,000kgs (71,729lbs)
Weight – 3 Deck 32,000kgs (70,547lbs)
Width – 2 Deck 9’ 11” (3m)
Width – 3 Deck 10’ 8” (3.24m)



Single or double deck live head


Roll-in bogie system


Rinsing system


Crusher chute (available with 15ft hopper only)

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