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Partnering in the Wake of Disaster Forges Relationship

Caterpillar Japan

The partnership between McCloskey and Caterpillar has resulted in a positive outcome not only for the country itself in its recovery efforts, but also for the 512RET’s with their proven performance plan in Japan.

Immediately after the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in March 2011, Caterpillar Japan moved many of their demo-machines to the stricken area. It quickly became apparent that a large amount of construction equipment would be required to assist in the recovery from the unprecedented earthquake and Tsunami disaster.

In addition, customers needed guidance on how to handle the disaster materials. Caterpillar began presentations and ran demonstrations of the 512RET. In the process, the demos proved that the screening capabilities in the McCloskey trommels were superior to other screeners, particularly in handling the high moisture, sticky materials left in the aftermath of the disaster.

“The common screeners showed difficulty to screen the material appropriately, but the McCloskey trommel could screen them very well with the drum,” said Yoshihiro Sasaki, Caterpillar Solution Engineering Ltd.