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McCloskey stackers are all about efficiency, from their speedy setup time to their high degree of mobility, downtime is minimized while throughput and stockpile capacity are maximized.

WS3250 grey background

WS3250 Wheeled Stacker

  • Electric model available
  • 800mm (32”) x 50’ heavy duty main conveyor belt
  • On-site wheel mobility
  • Large feed hopper
WS3250 Wheeled Stacker Details

TS4065 Tracked Stacker

  • Dual Power available
  • 1000mm (40") x 19.81m (65' ) Main Conveyor Belt
  • Large hopper delivers high volume capabilities.
  • Heavy Duty Impact Bed
TS4065 Tracked Stacker Details

ST80T Tracked Stackers

  • Dual Power and Electric available
  • On-site Track Mobility
  • 900mm (36”) x 24.38m (80’) heavy duty main conveyor belt
  • Hydraulic folding frame for easy transport
ST80T Tracked Stackers Details
st80 b&w

ST80 Wheeled Stackers

  • Electric model available
  • 900mm (36”) x 80’ heavy duty main conveyor belt
  • Adjustable hopper height to optimize efficiency
  • Large feed hopper
ST80 Wheeled Stackers Details
ts4080 feature image

TS4080 Tracked Stacker

  • Dual Power available
  • 1000mm (40") x 24.38m (80' ) Main Conveyor
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 11 meters
  • Hydraulically adjustable feed in height
TS4080 Tracked Stacker Details

ST100T Tracked Stackers

  • Dual Power available
  • On-site Track Mobility
  • Radial options available (LA Lift Axle)
  • 900mm (36”) x 100’ Heavy-Duty Main Conveyor Belt
ST100T Tracked Stackers Details

ST100 Wheeled Stackers

  • Electric model available
  • 900mm (36") x 30.48m (100') Main Conveyor Belt
  • Straightforward hydraulic controls to fold and unfold, raise and lower the conveyor.
  • Pivoting axle box allows for creating swept radius stockpiles.
ST100 Wheeled Stackers Details

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