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McCloskey Feeder Stackers facilitate the handling and stockpiling of large wood waste, bark, compost and topsoil, all of which can be fed into the hopper with large loaders and excavators.

sf50 grey

SF50 Feeder Stacker

  • Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimizing setup time.
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 6.5m
  • 3.5m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability.
  • Fuel efficient Hydraulics system.
SF50 Feeder Stacker Details
McCloskey RF80 High Stockpile Capacity b&w

RF80 Feeder Stacker

  • 100kW (127Hp) CAT engine
  • Dual hydraulic main drive system
  • 4m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability.
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 10m
RF80 Feeder Stacker Details

SF80 Feeder Stackers

  • 48" x 80' Main Conveyor Belt
  • 13m³ Hopper Capacity of standard aggregates with hopper extensions option to increase capacity.
  • Straight forward hydraulic controls to fold and unfold, raise and lower conveyor for easy transport.
  • Easy to use control panel makes operating the machine simple.
SF80 Feeder Stackers Details

TF80/WF80 Feeder Stackers

  • 1200 mm (48”) wide heavy duty 80’ long conveyor
  • 1200mm (48”) wide heavy duty impact feeder
  • 75 kW (100 hp) diesel engine
  • Large feed hopper
TF80/WF80 Feeder Stackers Details


McCloskey’s UF1200 feeder is powerful and reliable, suited to topsoil, compost, mulch and landscape products. As a result of its high capacity, it significantly enhances…

UF1200 Details

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