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ST80TF Feeder Stacker

McCloskey International’s heavy duty high capacity feeder stacker, the ST80TF, is now designed to deliver enhanced handling and radial stockpiling of a wide range of materials. The multi-function tracked radial feeder stacker combines onsite track mobility with the high stockpiling capacity of a radial conveyor, switching from track to wheels in seconds. The design allows for the wheels to be fully folded for transport, delivering true site-to site portability.

The ST80TF features a large capacity hopper (5.75cu.m. or 7.5 cu. yd.) with adjustable height, ensuring optimized operational efficiency on the job. The ST80TF Radial brings the best mobility, portability and production to sites around the world.


  • 900mm (36”) wide heavy duty 80’ long conveyor
  • 74.5 kW (100 hp) Tier 4 diesel engine
  • On-site track mobility
  • Hydraulic raise and lower
  • Hydraulic folding frame and feeder wings for easy transport
  • Fast on-site setup time (5 minutes)
  • Adjustable hopper height to optimize operational efficiency


74.5 kW (100 Hp) Diesel
Belt Length
80’ (24.38m)
Belt Width
900mm (36”)
Stockpile Height
9.47m (31’ 1”)
Stockpile Capacity
1556m3 (2035 yd3)
Transport Length
3.48m (11’ 5”)
Transport Height (approx.)
3.48m (11’ 5”)
Transport Width
2.49m (8’ 2”)

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