McCloskey International knows the Landscaping Industry
Whether you are screening topsoil, compost and green waste, mulch, or landscape stone, there is a McCloskey built just right for you.  Our screeners have a high energy throw and adjustable angles that prevent bridging, bottlenecking and buckling no matter what the materials or conditions.

Efficient stockpiling is as important as producing  the product itself, and McCloskey designed and holds the patent for the radial conveyor. We continue to design new features, and build on over 30 years of experience building stacking conveyors, feeder stackers, and tracked feeders for customers around the world.

Crushing your own stone? We can help with that too, with a range of jaw crushers that can be suited to any size of operation.

McCloskey products are also excellent for wood recycling, and are working in sites around the world to reclaim and move to the next level - using wood waste to create biomass fuel. Green is more than just a colour to us - it's what we see as the future.
Topsoil, Compost Screening, Landscape, Wood recycling, Mulch.